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Design Centers of Excellence

Centers of Excellence (CoE) across our global design network bring you the deepest expertise in specific clinical and technical applications. These competency centers constitute teams of design experts that are the most knowledgeable in their field and collaborate for your specific technical focus.

Galway – CoE, Minimally Invasive & Advanced Therapies

With over 5,000 design concepts delivered for customers, this team specialize in advanced access and delivery systems for a range of minimally invasive and advanced therapies. Portfolio projects include vascular catheters, microcatheters, structural heart devices, adjunct endoscopic devices, steerable delivery systems and advanced access devices. Building on its established reputation for minimally invasive device design, the team are also innovating for next generation devices through the integration of discrete technologies enabling smart device functionality. The group provide a full spectrum service from a single site, supporting customers from initial concept to regulatory approval and commercial ramp. 50+ FIH devices have been successfully delivered from this Center of Excellence.

MN – CoE, Structural Heart,
Electrophysiology & Advanced Energy

Complex steerable shafts featuring precision actuation or integrated energy functionality are amplifying innovation opportunities for Structural Heart, Electrophysiology and Advanced Energy devices. This team partner with world leading companies in these specialized application fields, combining design competencies in large bore steerable shafts, integrated steering, accurate deployment mechanisms and fine wire transmission of data, power and signal.

San Jose, CA – CoE, Minimally Invasive Devices & Advanced Polymers

Located in the heart of the Bay Area, a key hub for medical device innovation, this Center of Excellence features a highly experienced team of leading design experts for minimally invasive delivery systems. The team is structured for agility ensuring rapid progress through the development phase of new, innovative medical devices. The Bay Area attracts the largest venture capital investment for medical devices in the US and this team are adept at supporting companies in the earliest stage of product development. Specialist competencies include catheter design, polymers for balloons and advanced extrusion capabilities including exotic materials. Together, these solutions are applied in the design and development of vascular catheters, stent deployment systems, structural heart delivery systems and low profile neurovascular devices.