Creganna Medical Design

A world leading design partner



Creganna Medical is the market leading provider of outsourced design and manufacturing solutions for Minimally Invasive Cardiovascular delivery and access devices.

Expertise in

  • Commercialisation and ramp support
  • Product validation
  • Process validation
  • DFM, lean manufacturing review & implementation
  • Field complaint management

Structural Heart

Over 100,000 percutaneous valve repair or replacement procedures are conducted annually across the world. In recent years, a wide range of Minimally Invasive alternatives have emerged for this clinical field from treating diseased valves to supporting the left ventricle. Creganna Medical is the partner of choice for the design and manufacture of structural heart Minimally Invasive delivery & access devices and associated tools.

Expertise in

  • Percutaneous Valve Delivery Systems
  • Valvuloplasty Balloon Dilation Catheters
  • Guiding Sheaths
  • Introducers
  • Transeptal Access & Crossing Systems
  • Transapical Access Systems
  • Sizing Balloon Catheters
  • Occlusion Catheters
  • Cardioplegia Delivery Systems
  • PFO Closure Delivery Devices
  • LAA Closure Delivery Systems


Creganna Medical is a leading provider of outsourced design and manufacturing solutions for Electrophysiology & CRM delivery and access devices.

Expertise in

  • EP Diagnostic Catheters - Mapping & Ablation
  • Ablation Catheters - A Fib
  • Cryotherapy Catheters
  • Introducer Sheaths - Fixed Curve, Steerable & Deflectable
  • Transeptal Access Systems
  • Imaging Catheters -Standard & Deflectable
  • Lead Placement & Implantation Devices
  • Dilation Catheters
  • Vascular Closure Devices

Peripheral Vascular

As the industry leading outsourcer for Peripheral Vascular delivery and access solutions, Creganna Medical have extensive experience in this field and provide the most comprehensive range of supporting technologies and services to design and manufacture Peripheral Vascular delivery devices.

Expertise in

  • PTA Balloon Catheters - RX & OTW
  • Self Expanding Stent Delivery Systems
  • EVAR - AAA/TAA Stent Graft Delivery Devices
  • Advanced Introducer Systems
  • Vascular Closure Devices
  • Embolic Protection Catheters
  • Filter Device Delivery Systems
  • Occlusion & Embolization Catheters
  • Specialty PTA Catheters


Clinical treatment of the Neurovascular system requires highly specialized, complex and miniature delivery and access systems. Creganna Medical have a range of unique solutions that offer the lowest profile and highest flexibility to access, navigate and deliver Minimally Invasive Neurovascular therapies.

Expertise in

  • Microcatheters to 1 French profile
  • Stent, Coil & Graft Delivery Systems
  • Embolization & Occlusion Catheters
  • Thrombolytic Removal Catheter
  • Specialist Delivery & Access systems
  • Vascular Closure Devices


Creganna Medical is the partner of choice for MI Endoscopic Delivery & Access Devices and is the market leading solutions provider for GI Dilatation & Delivery Systems.

Expertise in

  • GI Dilation Balloons & Catheters
  • Occlusion Catheters
  • Endoscopic Ultrasound Biopsy Needles & Systems
  • NOTES Delivery & Access Devices
  • Minimally Invasive Surgical Tools
  • Flexible Endoscopic Surgical Tools
  • Low Profile, High Flex Endoscopes
  • Ablation Delivery Catheters


Minimally Invasive approaches to Orthopaedic surgery are beginning to gain increased clinical adoption. Creganna Medical is a design and manufacturing partner to the medical device companies leading the field.

Expertise in

  • Kyphoplasty Delivery Systems
  • Vertebroplasty Delivery Systems
  • Cement, Biologic & Stem Cell Delivery Devices
  • Less Invasive Surgical Tools


Creganna Medical, together with TE Connectivity, combine multiple technologies for the design and development of medical devices deployed via laparoscopic or key-hole ports. We augment devices for responsive touch and feel or to provide real time feedback to the physician, increasing precision and accuracy in surgical outcomes.

Device expertise in:

  • Access instruments
  • Direct energy devices
  • Internal closure
  • Hand-assist devices
  • Suction/irrigation tools
  • Insufflation
  • Surgical robotic instruments & accessories